Powerful Yet Down To Earth Marketing

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Electrify your book promotions with up-to-date book marketing services from Electrify! Be empowered to reach your readers, while also keeping your feet on solid ground. While it is the epitome of power, electricity also does always try to earth. Your marketing and promotional decisions also need to be powerful yet down to earth.

Whether you are self-publishing or in the business of publishing the works of others, Electrify! provides a simple way for you to action your marketing plan.

By using our system you will not only get a customised plan, but a personal one-on-one coach who is an experience bookseller.

There are flexible options to suit any style you wish to use – Electrify! services are broken up into components so you can pick and choose which elements you need help with and which you prefer to do yourself. Although it will be your choice when to take what you’ve been given and implement it, Electrify! is not a system to teach you how to DIY.

Just like its parent organisation, Australian Ebook Publisher, Electrify! is a professional, local Australian project management service. We will give you some tips, but anything you engage us to do will be completely taken care of for you, from conceptualisation to copywriting and design, to implementation (placing ads, obtaining reviews, loading new information to online selling pages and more).

Marketing strategies are highly recommended, but we are about implementation, not training. There are plenty of book marketing training systems out there, books on marketing, books on how to sell books.

Electrify! is about doing.

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